Successful Cases

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Cases de Sucesso


Largest airline in Brazil , through analysis of the calculation of credits PIS / COFINS , recovered corresponding to one billion reais, where the credit was 100 % validated by the Federal Revenue of Brazil , and offset against other federal taxes.

PENSION CONTRIBUTION - indemnifications

Trucking giant managed through performance of CS & E , reduced employer social security contribution ( INSS ) incident on the payroll.


Client: National Medium-sized industrial segment.

The Case : Company needs to review its key business processes - Finance , Manufacturing and Trade , to enable the expansion of it, adapting its operation to better serve its customers and thereby increase revenue.

The project : Full Review of key business processes and implementation of ERP system.

In Industrial area , review of processes Production Planning and Materials, studies of production capacity and evaluation of new business opportunities.

In the financial area , implementation of strict expenditure controls and records with redesign methodology Cash Flow.

In the commercial area , review of sales plans , establishing new sales goals , complete revision of the Industrial Budget model , together with the area of Engineering.

Additionally , we support a restructuring of the Human Resources department , working with the " hunting" of many professionals to the Company.

It was also performed a reassessment of the use of the company's ERP , which resulted in overhaul of product structures and re - training of all users in the old and new features.